Old Caribbean crypt

The Mudpie

The Mudpie restaurant & coffee house was located on Fraizer Avenue in Chattanooga, TN. The restaurant is no longer in business, but the sign still exists on the back of the building.

Raccoon Mtn Switchyard


Train Bridge House

Home of the Scopes Monkey Trial

The Rhea County Court house located in Dayton, TN where the Scopes Trial was held in 1925.

Vintage train

ABC Switchyard

Creative Discovery Museum

Soldier's Memorial


Cabin at Snodgrass Hill

Jesus and Child

This mural was done on plaster over brick on the back side of the Lyndsay Street Hall in Chattanooga, TN. The peeling plaster really distorts the art but you can still make out the image of Jesus and Child.

Clock Tower

Walnut Street

Confederate Soldier

Folly Beach

Lookout Mountain Tourist Lodge Sign