Folly Beach Lighthouse

Foggy Beach

Footprints in the Sand

Fisher Towers

Heirloom Tomatoes Barn

Cross Garden Mailbox

Rugby Christ Church and Gate

Customs House

Crystal Cave Barn

Autumn Drive


Barn Tennessee State Road 2

Nashville Skyline

View of the Nashville Skyline and Tennessee River from the pedestrian bridge in Nashville, TN

Sacred Heart Church

Old Caribbean crypt

Biltmore Cherub

Biltmore Girl 1

Biltmore Girl 3

Biltmore Girl 2

Fisher Towers

Old House

Located in Rock Spring, GA this house was spotted by accident while looking for a Rock City barn to photograph. It seemed to be a part of the train system located beside the tracks, but it was never determined what it's purpose is or was.

Caribben Botanical Gardens

Desert Truck

Auto Pilot Failure

This was spotted while driving down the road in South Pittsburg, TN

Old Mill

Valley of Fire

Sewanee Roof Top

Sewanee Chapel

Home of the Scopes Monkey Trial

The Rhea County Court house located in Dayton, TN where the Scopes Trial was held in 1925.

All Saint's Chappel

Possum Trot Church

New York, New Orleans

Petro Mart Tanks

Caribbean Fort

Gorden Lee Mansion

Located in Chickamauga, GA this hoe was built as a private home in1840 and completed in 1847. During the Civil War it was used as a hospital where many soldiers died from their injuries.

Wonder Cave

Located on Hwy 41 in Grundy County, TN. The cave was discovered in 1897 by three Vanderbilt students and opened to the public in 1900. The cave closed in 1999 supposedly because there is no one to run it. The cave was a popular stop for travelers on US Hwy 41 before the opening of interstate 24.

Florence Baptistery

Flag Boy



Raccoon Mtn Switchyard





Valley of Fire II

Jesus and Child

This mural was done on plaster over brick on the back side of the Lyndsay Street Hall in Chattanooga, TN. The peeling plaster really distorts the art but you can still make out the image of Jesus and Child.

Sand Dune Arch

Landscape Arch

Cross Garden Jesus Chair

Clock Tower

Arches National Park

Spanish Tiles

Aspen Trees

Rodanthe Pier

Garden Statue

Rock Springs House

La Recoleta Cemetery