World War II Plane

Desert Truck

Norfolk Southern 4271

De Soto in Trees

Blue Angels

Blue Angels at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola

Royal Clipper 2

Royal Clipper

Rocket Engine

Saturn V Engines


Delta Queen in Fog

Sailing in Antarctica

The Europa sailing in Antarctica. This ship was built in 1911 and is used as a sail-training ship with trips to Antarctica, South Georgia and Cape Town.




Old Truck in Woods


Choo Choo

This is the sign for the famous Chattanooga Choo-Choo located in Chattanooga, TN. The photo was taken from a nearby parking garage.

Auto Pilot Failure

This was spotted while driving down the road in South Pittsburg, TN

Train Bridge

Spanning the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, TN, this train bridge is still in operation. During the storms of April 27, the structure in the background was ripped from its support.

Coke Oven Train

Located in Dayton, Tn this train was found at the historic coke ovens. At first glance, it was over looked for any photographic potential, but with a closer look, the detail in the rust and decay of this train caught my eye.

Vintage train

Finster Cadillac

Car of many faces

White Truck



Inside Fighter Jet Wing

Submarine USS Drum

White 3000

Old Truck

FA 18 Hornet #2

Geico Skytypers #3

Geico Skytypers #2

Geico Skytypers #1

World War 2 Bomber

FA 18 Super Hornet #3

FA 18 Super Hornet #2

Super Salto Jet Sailplane

V-22 Osprey #2

V-22 Osprey #1

AF-1F Cobra Helicopters

AF-1F Cobra Helicopter

FA 18 Hornet #1

Gun Turrent

Georgia Air Guard

DC-3 #1

Vintage Aircraft #1

DC-3 #2

Vintage Aircraft #2

Memphis Belle

Vintage Aircraft #3